Fidelity or Excuses?

Fidelity- strict observance of promises and duties; loyalty. (

Do you keep your promises? Do your loved ones know that when you say it, you mean it? Do you show up when you’re suppose to show up?

Do you take care of business..

do you fulfill your obligations..

are you responsible?

Do you hold yourself accountable? Do you show your fidelity to the people who depend on you?

Or do you make excuses?


Maurice Guest Jr., is an education administrator in Little Rock, Arkansas.


2 thoughts on “Fidelity or Excuses?

  1. Howdy Maurice,

    These are excellent questions – I asked myself and answered them in my journal for today.

    This post has reminded me to exercise fidelity and to show up more! My word will certainly have more weight because I will show up to everything and be present in the moment.

    I enjoyed this enlightening message and I believe every day is another chance to take care of business – have a fun day!


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