Successful Students vs Poor Performing Students.

90% of the human population have roughly the same IQ.

5% are above the norm.

5% are below the norm.

Almost ALL of us are born with the same intellectual capacity.

Question: Why do some students succeed and some students fail?

Answer: HABITS

Successful students aren’t born “good at school.” Successful students establish good “Academic Habits” early on, and then those habits carry them through college and beyond.

Top 5 Academic Habits (In order of Importance)

  1. Good Behavior – “Sit Down, Be Quiet and Listen!”
  2. Specific Homework Spot and Specific Homework Time.
  3. Complete All Math Homework – Every Problem, Every Assignment and then do more!
  4. Study – Know how to Study and Retain Information. Then, the student actually applies the Study Habits they know by studying and studying often.
  5. Perseverance – When problems or work is confusing, successful students have the habit of “pushing through.” Successful students understand that some work will be difficult. Moreover, successful students know that they are smart enough to figure it out if they just keep trying. Successful students don’t quit.

Poor performing students often want to succeed. Poor performing students often care about their grades. Unfortunately, poor performing students just haven’t built the same habits as their successful classmates.

Ultimately, we are all slaves to our habits. We become what we repeatedly do. We have to be insanely intentional about our everyday actions. We have to be insanely intentional about the habits we form.


Maurice Guest Jr., is an education administrator in Little Rock, Arkansas.




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