Today is Perfect.

Success is difficult.

The process is strenuous, tiresome, and often boring. Becoming a great student, teacher, mother, father, businessman, lawyer, doctor, etc., etc., etc. – is slow, gradual, and heavy. Please don’t misunderstand me. If you choose the path to success, you will enjoy small triumphs along the way. Greatness is achievable for us all, however shortcuts do not exist.

Secrets do not exist. The right information is paramount, but information without action is worthless. Action, combined with time is how we escape mediocrity.

Today is Sunday which marks the beginning of a new week. Today is the perfect day to build new behaviors and form new habits. Today is the perfect day for us to ignore average and increase our work ethic.

We get out of life what we put into it. If we want extraordinary results, we must put in extraordinary work.

Let’s begin today.


Maurice Guest Jr., is an education administrator in Little Rock, Arkansas.


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