Life is just like Math.

Like a math teacher, LIFE gives us problems. This is true for everyone.

Some of our problems are easy and can be solved quickly.

But some problems are hard and take time.

The hard problems take all of our energy. The hard problems cause heartache and keep us up at night. The hard problems often make us bitter, they make us lazy, they make us want to quit.

The hard problems test our resolve. They test our patience. They test our faith.

Perfect! The hard problems are exactly what we need!

A good teacher is suppose to test us. A good teacher is suppose to challenge us! Challenge is what makes us better students! Challenge is what forces us to grow!

Sometimes, we have to reach a low point in order to rise. In other words, sometimes we have to hit “Rock Bottom.” This can be good for us, because “Rock Bottom” is often the foundation we need to rebuild our lives.

Like a good math teacher, LIFE gives us hard problems. And like good students, we face these problems head on. We are the walking image of persistence and the epitome of hard work! We will solve these problems and we will pass each test!


Maurice Guest Jr., is an education administrator in Little Rock, Arkansas.


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